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Lunch Menu

Seasonal Special Menu

(January - March)

Toji Soba (Jyuwari Soba)

Toji Soba is Nagano Prefecture’s local food.

Toji Soba means throwing noodles into the soup. Some people also say it means eating warm soba during the cold winter time to heal their diseases. The warm soba with the broth gives off a nice aroma and really warms up your body.



​Toji Soba

Cold soba noodles that are served on a woven bamboo tray (Zaru in Japanese). Served with a bowl of soy sauce-based soup with deep-fried tofu and Shimeji mushroom on the side.



Seasonal Tempura with Toji Soba set

Toji Soba  / Tempura assortment (1 prawn / 3 vegetables)



​Mini Tempura bowl with Toji Soba set

Toji Soba / Pickles / Mini Tempura bowl

​3 Choice Rice bowl with Toji Soba set 

Toji Soba / Please select your choice of a Rice bowl, from Tororo rice bowl, Chirimen rice bowl, or Yama-Wasabi rice bowl.


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